Update from Erin Bower, Derbyshire County Council - 22.04.22

  • We have around 300 hosts registered with us who are matched with around 680 Ukrainian guests. About 40 have arrived so far, under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Majority are in High Peak and Derbyshire Dales but having said that there are hosts in all districts and boroughs.
  • We have now sent out the welcome pack to everyone that has contacted us. We download the information from central government daily and e-mail everyone who is added on there to ensure they have details of what happens next. We are currently drafting a version for Ukrainian guests which should be ready soon.
  • We are also responding to new e-mails to us every day where ever possible. We have also updated the Derbyshire County Council website with more information which we hope will be useful.
  • We have a process in place for new arrivals to collect the £200 welcome payment from the post office as soon as they arrive.
  • I have some meetings next week in place to hopefully formalise some training sessions and some drop in sessions so that hosts and guests will soon have more information and support with queries that they have.
  • Central government is currently planning a process to organise re-matching when a placement breaks down or comes to an end after 6 months. I have been chasing this up so we can be aware of this as soon as possible.
  • I’ve also fed back comments that were raised last week in relation to the different approaches taken to the property inspections. It appears that there have been new guidelines issued centrally that have caused some changes. However, the Environmental health officers meet regularly and will be discussing a way forward to ensure consistency in the future.