Become a Member


Organisations can become members of Links by completing the appropriate form below.

It is not necessary to be a member to receive information from Links, but you must operate in Chesterfield and/or North East Derbyshire.

Just complete a form and return it to Links.

You can become a company member of Links. As a member you agree that you are in sympathy with the company’s aims and objectives. See Memorandum & Articles of Association. Should the company be wound up, you promise to pay the sum of £1 towards its debts if asked to do so. Under the companies act your name and address is open to scrutiny by other company members and the general public on request.

As a member you can attend and vote at the AGM or any Special General Meeting called by the board. Organisations have one vote.

The board must approve all requests for membership. An organisation is eligible to nominate a representative for election to the board.

To become a member of Links, please complete the appropriate form below:

Links Organisational Members Agreement And Guarantee

Links Individual Members Agreement And Guarantee