Race Equality

1. BME Engagement and Consultation Work 

1.1 Project Background
Derbyshire County Council’s BME Engagement Work

As a result of the established working relationships with BME groups and its track record in delivering race equality work, in Autumn 2005, Links was commissioned by Derbyshire County Council to carry out a piece of consultancy work to find out the views of BME groups/ communities regarding the following Derbyshire County Council’s policy documents:

a. The (Draft) Race Equality Scheme 2005-08
b. The (Draft) Corporate Equality Plan 2005-08
c. The (Draft) Community Strategy Priorities Summary Version 2006-09
d. The (Draft) Derbyshire County Council – Council Plan Version 0.17,

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2. Derbyshire's BME Population 

The graph shows the estimated BME population fiqures of BME people living in Derbyshire's eight borough and district areas.The information is based on percentage estimates calculated by the Office of National Statistics 2007. The fiqures exclude Derby city. The total BME population for Derbyshire is 40,184. Amber Valley, Erewash & South Derbyshire, based in the south of the county and in close proximity of Derby city, have the highest numbers of BME people. The areas with lowest figures are Bolsover and Derbyshire Dales. Contrary to once popular perception, the more rural area of High Peak with a population of 5428 has a marginally higher population than the town of Chesterfield which has a BME population of 5030.

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3. Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Buyers & Sellers Event at the Town Hall on March 6th 2013

On March 6th Chesterfield Town Hall was a hive of activity with people meeting together and sharing lunch. The delicious food was provided by the African Caribbean and Asian Community Associations and many participants said that it was the best food they have ever had at such an event. However this as not just a social gathering but also the first in a range of marketing events to publicise a thriving BME network in Derbyshire. Links CVS has been commissioned for several years by Derbyshire County Council to engage BME groups in Race Equality Forums in the north and south of the county. This particular event is part of the wider Derbyshire Transforming Local Infrastructure Project and Links has received funding to create a sustainable business model for BME community engagement.


This project is about developing a sustainable vehicle for community engagement of BME groups across Derbyshire excluding Derby City. There is scope to extend the service and market it to a wide range of providers in the statutory voluntary and even private sectors.


Around 30 providers of adult social care, extra care housing, befriending, carers, mental health and advice services attended the event which gave them an opportunity to promote their services and to talk with members of BME communities and find out about their specific cultural needs. Members of the Chinese African Caribbean, Asian, Muslim, Filipino and Gypsy & Traveller communities also brought along information about their culture and were able to talk to providers about the services they offer and ways in which they can be culturally sensitive. The atmosphere at the event was very lively with lots of talking and information sharing between providers and BME community members.


Feedback has been very positive with many people saying they would be very happy to attend similar events.  If you would like more information about the project contact James Lee at Links. the Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire CVS & Action Ltd on 01246 274844 or email linkscvs@btconnect com  for further details.






What is it about?

As part of their on-going commitment to address the equality agenda in mental health, Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group recently agreed to commission Links CVS to run a mental health community scheme to improve the mental health of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people in Derbyshire.

Why is it needed?

Not knowing the availability of full range of mental health care services could have major adverse impacts on the mental wellbeing for many BME people who are at risk or vunerable. The scheme will provide initial contact and signposting service to mainstream service provisions for BME people with reference to mental health support.

How will it work?

This will be done through engaging BME community groups to enhance access to support provisions for members of the diverse BME communities by building bridges and removing barriers. These barriers include not knowing how the system works, the availability of types of mental health care services, how to access such provisions, lack of culturally appropriate information, as well as the language barriers for those who are not proficient in the English language.  

What will be the main outcomes?

It will connect BME communities with the mainstream mental health provisions in Derbyshire. Participating BME groups will provide weekly drop-in or telephone line support sessions that are culturally appropriate to members of their communities at relevant community venues. These sessions will be provided by those members of the participating BME groups who have successfully completed the Mental Health First Aid Training course.

For more information

Please Contact Links, the Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire CVS & Action Ltd on 01246 274844 or email linkscvs@btconnect.com for further details.


Consultation of the strategic directions of travel for Mental Health in Derbyshire